Disaster Mesh provides an air-deployable, wireless mesh network to disaster zones. The Disaster Mesh EPN (Ephemeral Physical Network) uses small devices, or "Seeds," that serve as the network’s nodes, spread over the disaster area. These nodes are in the shape of the maple seed, allowing them to float down softly. The devices will be produced in mass numbers and air dropped into the disaster location by plane, helicopter, or drone. The aerodynamic "Seeds", or access points,  are optimized for extreme weather conditions. Once the survivors connect to the network, they are directed to a landing page consisting of six options survivors can easily select: (1) “I’m trapped," (2) “I need medical help,” (3) “I need shelter," (4) “I need water," (5) “I need food," (6) “I’m okay, continue to network.” The collected information, GPS coordinates and names of the survivors are then organized and distributed to relief organizations.

The result? 

Instant connectivity created in a disaster which enables survivors to contact each other and which gives relief organizations a simple and effective tool in allocating their resources to the areas where they are needed.